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Hotel Balto, a boarding facility for dogs and cats stands out by its friendly service, its clean and safe establishment, its all inclusive package and its competitive prices. Hotel Balto not only offers boarding for any domestic animal but it also offers a great selection of complementary services such as grooming services, daycare, playtimes, a boutique as well as a variety of snacks. One thing is for sure, the dogs and cats staying at Hotel Balto do not have time to be bored.


Our passionate staff understands that a pet is a faithful, sincere and affectionate friend. Dogs and cats that live under our roof share our daily lives and our daily habits. They share our home, our sofas and even sometimes our bed, our food, our family outings, etc. This is the reason why Hotel Balto provides a boarding service that can be compared to the family home.


Hotel Balto and its team have at heart the health, security and well-being for all its residents. This boarding facility for dogs and cats offers individual, comfortable, clean and safe rooms.

We offer an all inclusive package without additional cost including a 24 hour monitoring service via cameras, comfortable beds, a camera system to see your animal from a distance, the administration of medication, several outings per day, playtimes and of course hugs and kisses in abundance.


Finally, an extraordinary boarding center located near Montreal and minutes from Dorval airport.