Balto Story

A race for life!
The true story of the dog named Balto

In 1925, to overcome an epidemic in the town of Nome in Alaska, serum is urgently required and calls are made out to all hospitals in the surrounding area. By telegram, the authorities learn that serum is available in the city of Anchorage, 1 600 kilometers away. The blizzard blowing in violent gusts prevents the carriage by airplane. It is decided that a train will carry the serum to the city of Nenana. However, Nenana is located to 1085 miles from Nome. One solution is offered to the people; do the trip by sled with a team of slay dogs, a trip totaling 25 days. While a team is already on its way, the authorities decided that a relay of several teams was more likely to insure the arrival of the precious serum more quickly. Thus, 20 mushers and more than 100 huskies took part in the race in which Mr Gunnan Kaasen and his team of Siberian husky dogs, lead by Balto, the most experienced guide dog participated. Arriving at the last checkpoint before Nome, Kassen found his replacement asleep. Taking into consideration that his crew was well, he decided to continue to Nome. The serum was thus delivered from Nenana to Nome in just 5 days and a half. Upon arrival to Nome, Balto and his team was welcomed as heroes.  (Read more.)