Loss Claim

You are a victim of a loss or incident at your home?

Unfortunately, incidents happen like fires, water damages, etc. and home owners
or tenants must leave their residence for the time of damage restoration work.

Fortunately for you, you were insured!

You must be relocated by your home insurance company, but what about
your pets? You can’t leave them alone at home nor can you bring them with you
to the hotel and life must go on, you have to go to work and don’t necessarily
have friends or family near by to take care of them.

But did you check with your insurance company?
Did you know that many insurance company will accept to pay some
boarding fees for your pets when a incident happens to your residence?

You must verify beforehand with your insurance broker directly because usually
they treat the demands case by case. It is not a specific clause in your home
insurance policy, but it doesn’t cost you anything to ask some to have some
information about it.

So while you are relocated temporarily, we can board your pets, complete
boarding and care at Hotel Balto, for the entire period that restoration work is
done to your house.

You will have peace of mind knowing that they will be well treated, a big stress
lifted from your shoulders, your pets will be comfortable just like at home.

You will have access from a distance by camera via internet to see your pets and
you can visit them at the Hotel Balto as you wish.

Here are a few testimonials from our clients that benefited from the Hotel
Balto services, during a disaster at their home, in collaboration with their home

The professional behaviour and the hospitality of the personnel gave me the insurance that my two cats would be treated with lots of love and attention, that their well-being appeased my stress during the renovations at our house.

Thank you to the team at Hôtel Balto. - Florence Couture

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